• Books for the professional mystery entertainer by Steve Drury

    The following publications were produced by Steve Drury for PSYCRETS British Society of Mystery Entertainers, of which he is a co -founder. The Society website can be accessed via the footer of this page.


    PSYCRECY 1.  Steve Drury - PSYCRETS


    PSYCRECY 1 is a hardback, 320-page mysterium of essays, effects and routines taken from the first volume issues of PSYCRETS (British Society of Mystery Entertainers) quarterly printed membership digest.

    It also features some previously unpublished and revised bonus material from members and friends of the Society.


    Overall it features 38 contributions from the field of mentalism, bizarre magick and psychic entertainment, the contributors include Barrie Richardson, Marc Salem, Banachek, Roni Shachnaey, Lior Manor, Peter Turner, Pablo Amira, Michael Murray, Atlas Brookings, Anthony Blake (USA), Mauricio Jaramillo, Chris Rawlins, Steve Drury, Ben Cardall, Christian Chelman, Prof. BC, Todd Landman, Sheila Lyon, Enrique Enriquez, Perry Carpenter, Dee Christopher, Christopher Taylor, Cameron Murray, Rainer Mees & Thomas Heine, Stuart Palm, Bob Percy, Luca Volpe, Stephen Young, Walt Anthony, Jim Magus, Vito Gatullo, Rudolf Kunzli, Mitos Odnalor, Ray Doetjes, Christopher Faria, Lars Ruth, Alan Jones.


    Editor Steve Drury






    "As with all of Steve Drury's releases, this is a handsomely produced book that contains exclusive material for the working mentalist. As the blurb states, this is mostly material from the first volume of PSYCRECY, the publication produced by the British Society of Mystery Entertainers. There is a variety of material here, including close-up, parlour, stage, and walk-around It is NOT mostly card effects either. I certainly enjoyed reading this. If you're looking for a volume with a variety of thought-provoking material, this is definitely worth checking out."

    Jheff Poncher. Marketplace of the Mind


    Liber Mentis. Steve Drury - PSYCRETS

    Liber Mentis

    Liber Mentis is a unique collection of essays, effects and routines published in celebration of the Fifth Anniversary of PSYCRETS: The British Society of Mystery Entertainers, 2007-2012


    Hardback with over 380 pages, it features 45 contributions on mentalism, bizarre magick and psychic readings, as well as key insights on the business of mystery entertainment.


    Contributors include: David Berglas, Dr Todd Landman, Roni Shachnaey, Steve Drury, Docc Hilford, Banachek, Barry Richardson, Enrique Enriquez, Scott Grossberg, Sheila Lyon, Alan Jones, Alexander Marsh, Arthur Emerson, Atlas Brookings, Barry Cooper, Bob Percy, Dale Shrimpton, Dan Baines, Daniele Nigris, Dee Christopher, Derek Heron, Dr. Steve Murray, Drew McAdam, Freddie Valentine, Harry Lucas, Iain Dunford, Iain Jay, Jon Thompson, Lars Ruth, Marc Paul, Madelon Hoedt, Nik Taylor, Paul Voodini, Professor BC, Rainer Mees,Thomas Heine, Ramon Fauria, Ray Doetjes, Rob Chapman, Rob Lupine, Roger Curzon, Simon Scott, Simon Shaw, Stephen Ward, and Tom Lauten


    Editor Steve Drury






    "This is a huge book with lots of good material in it from a list that reads like a Who's Who of today's mentalism creators. Like many volumes of this sort, some of the material is new and some of it is from the contributors' other works. Though there is a hefty percentage of material that focuses on readings and bizarre presentations, there is still quite a bit that is solid mentalism. Being a huge book, I confess that I skimmed through it all and have only read about a third of this hardcover 380 page book. But I've thoroughly enjoyed what I have read and there a couple of pieces that I'm seriously thinking of adapting to my repertoire. This is definitely one of the year's best collections of material for the working mentalist" Jheff Poncher. Marketplace of the Mind